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Asian vs European Handicap Guide

In the following lines we will try to explain the difference between the Asian handicap and European handicap. Many of the ones that put money on these types of bets mistake these bets and thus lose money. In the European handicap we have three choices, including "X" (tie). On the other hand, in the Asian handicap option "X" is removed and if the game ends at the goal difference in the bet, the stake is returned.

Here is an example for you to understand better the difference between these two bet types.

We have the game: Getafe vs Sevilla with the following handicap odds:

Getafe (-1) vs Sevilla (+1) 7.00 4.50 1.33

Getafe (-1) vs Sevilla (+1) 5.50 1.15

In the first situation, if we pick the outcome Getafe (-1), in order for the bet to be a winner we need that Getafe will win the game at a goal difference of at least two goals. In any other situation the bet is lost. In the second case, is we bet on Getafe (-1) we win the bet if Getafe wins at least two goals difference, and we will have a return of our stake if Getafe wins exactly at one goal difference. If the game ends as a tie or Sevilla wins, the bet is lost. If you want to put your money on Sevilla, in the first case you win if Sevilla doesn`t lose the game, and in the second case, you win if Sevilla does not lose and the stake is returned if Sevilla loses the game exactly at one goal difference. We picked an example with one goal handicap, but we could have picked a two or three goals handicap, depending on the teams involved. The things are similar, the only difference is the handicap that the favorite will start the game with, represented by the number in the brackets.
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