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How we analyze a football match

Football is most certain one of the most popular sports between bettors, from all around the world. In this article, we will try to talk about the main aspects that a gambler must follow before placing a bet on football.

First of all, football is a team sport and sometimes is hard to predict who will win, despite all the analyses made by us. For example : if one key player is not playing or the team has a bad form at the beginning of the game will definitely overturn any prediction made. We can not ensure that a strong analysis of a game will increase visible your gains, but it is clear that on long term this is the best way to play and you should not rely only on luck . A more depth study of each football match it is more recommended for a long term win.

In the following we will show you the main aspects that our betting experts are taking into consideration, when they are making a prediction on football.

Team`s current form

Many gamblers are not considering this a very important aspect, but we do. Team’s current form is important especially for the team’s morale.

For example, it is clear that a team who won consecutively the last three matches will play more relax and better than one who was defeated in the last 3 games and has a low morale.

Is not a certain rule, but in most cases the situation is applied. Playing relax and not under pressure are key elements in ensuring victories.

The missing players

Another very important aspect that can be decisive in a football game is the players that are missing for various reasons.

We are talking about injured players, suspended or spared by coaches for the upcoming matches, more important.

Over the internet you can find information about the players who are missing and we need to keep this in mind when choosing a prediction. Being a team game, in football is very important if a key player is not in the first 11.

It is also important in which position the absent player played. If he was a striker, probably the team will not have as much success in attack, at least in theory. If it is a defender, the team might receive more goals than usual. Of course, can also happen the opposite. As the new players to have a very good day and replace the missing players with success. But usually this is not happens, because a player with few games will not give the same efficiency.

The stake

Like the fans , the players are thinking about the stakes in a particular game, and this can influence, either positively or negatively, their performance.

For example, in the case of an European Cup final , the stakes are pretty high and make sure the teams will play more prudent, because receiving a goal can be crucial in determining the winner.

Also when we are reaching the final of a season, we can see strange matches, if we can say so : a team that desperately needs points is playing against a team of middle ranking whom does not really cares about the outcome of that match, so the more motivated team has higher chances to win.

Time of the game

We are not referring here about the time when a game is taking place, because is really does not matter. We are talking about the period of the season when a game is played. For example, is not recommended to bet during the first 4-5 rounds of a new season, until the big teams find their rhythm and the enthusiasm of the newcomers decreases.

The evolution of odds

Another thing to keep in mind is the evolution of odds. If we have small odds, that is because many gamblers are betting on them, or because of last moment information that can change the fate of the game.

The weather

Is hard to predict the weather at a given time of day, but we recommend to search the internet for data on the meteorological situation at the match. A bad weather, rainy or snow may involve performance much below the normal level of players and therefore our bets can be turned upside down by this natural factor that not many punters take into account when choosing predictions.

These are the main aspects that every gambler should take into account in the analysis of a football game. Of course, we can not be sure that we choose a winning prediction , but it is clear that in the long term, our chances of winning increase significantly, because we can not rely always on luck.

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