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Under 2.5 goals betting guide

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Under 2.5 goals bets are less often played than the over 2.5 bets. A little strange considering the fact that a game starts at 0:0 and at least theoretically there are higher chances that a game should end with under 2.5 goals than over 2.5 goals.

Leagues that you can play under 2.5 goals are those league where the percentage of this games is high. Important to say that from a given round, we don`t have to play all the games and bet under 2.5 goals, but only 2, maximum 3 games. Surprisingly, the European League with the most games ended with under 2.5 goals scored is the Swiss Super league. Of the total of 90 games played, 62.2% ended with maximum 2 goals scored. Surely unexpected as this league was considered one of the most spectacular ones not long time ago. The second league where you can put under 2.5 goals is Greek League 1. Even if the percentage is pretty close to the one in the Swiss League, 61.3%, the odds offered for the under 2.5 bets are a lot smaller than the ones offered for the Swiss games.

Greece has the smallest goal average from the European Leagues, 2.06 goals/game. The third league in the top of the league where you have high chances to win under 2.5 bets is the second league from Portugal. From the total of 275 games played, 56.7% ended with maximum 2 goals scored. Next in the top of the profitable leagues to play under 2.5 bets are France League 2 (54.9%), France League 1 (54.6%0, Denmark Division I (54.4%) and Italy Serie B (54.0%)
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