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Live football betting at online bookmakers

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Live football betting at online bookmakers

Betting live or in-game betting on football events is a very popular alternative to traditional fixed odds betting. Many bookmakers offer markets for live betting while games are being played and allow betters to have access to the flow of the game before making a bet.

Unlike other sports, live betting on football events is opened all over the duration of the event, allowing punters to bet on different markets even closely to the last minutes. These markets include which team will score the next goal, the game`s final score, and even handicap markets. Live betting could be considered an art form, and punter will have to be prepared to make quick decisions when placing money on live markets. The crucial condition is to have good knowledge on the event you are going to place your bets on, and very important, you will have to be able to predict how the game will unfold. These two conditions, if met, can pay out some good dividends.

When betting live on football events, it is preferable to place a selection of smaller bets of a number of markets rather than risk a single stake on one market. There is always a 1/1000 chance to lose a bet despite your pick leading with a comfortable advantage at half time, and this can mean big losses when you would only earn modest returns. If you have decided to place a live bet, you can find opportunities in the markets offered, but there are some patterns that can bring you nice winnings. These patterns are backed up by statistical data, but you have to retain the fact that there isn`t a 100% certainty.

1. Underdog team scores first, especially early in the game
Most of the time, when the underdog team will score first early in the game, the stronger team will at least equalize and likely go to win the game, especially if they are playing on home ground. Therefore, look at the live football events for a match in which the weaker team scored first, and then place a bet on the favorite. This will be true about 80% of the time. Even though not a certain thing, if you know the team news, motivation etc, will enable you to choose the right opportunity, boosting your chances over that 80%.

2. Nearly 1/3 of the games end 0-0 at half time
If you like to bet Over/Under Bets, you can bet on Under for the first half on a carefully selected game, and then Over (with a small handicap) for the second half. Statistically, most of the action in a football game occurs in the second half.

3. Player being sent off
On a late send-off and their team is winning, let`s say after 75 minutes into the game, it is a good idea to bet Under, as the winning team will focus more on defending their lead. With not much time left on the game, they will probably succeed.

On an early send-off, and with two evenly matched teams, you can place a bet on the other team scoring later in the game, as the fatigue on the remaining players will set. This is however not true when the much stronger team lost a player.

Even live betting is very exciting and sometimes can get nice returns, there are moments when you need to take a break. Not doing so can result in making very bad decisions that can lead to huge losses.

4. Bookmakers who offer live betting
Most of online bookmakers offer live betting but the most popular at this time are BET365 , STANJAMES AND WILLIAM HILL

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