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Can You Really Improve Your Odds of Winning More Bingo Games?

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Can You Really Improve Your Odds of Winning More Bingo Games?

Are you tired of playing game after game of online bingo and not winning anything? Are you also tired of the same person’s name winning again and again? At this stage you will either probably think that either you have no luck or that online bingo sites pick players to win. The bottom line of online bingo is purely down to odds. The person with the better odds will end up winning more games, just like when buying raffle tickets, the more tickets you buy the more chances you have of wining, this can be applied to the game of online bingo.

Tickets, tickets, tickets

Just like a raffle, the more tickets you buy when playing online bingo the more chances you have of winning. More than likely if you only buy 1 or 2 tickets per game then you are rarely going to win a game. Bare in mind that buying 100 tickets will not guarantee a win. For every ticket you buy the more of a chance you have of picking a ticket that will win first.

Usually in a 90 ball game people usually buy 1 strip of bingo tickets which is 6 tickets as this is just standard for most bingo players, buying an extra 2 tickets would increase your chances of winning by 33.3*%.

Is it crowded in here?

If you are playing on an online bingo site that have bingo rooms that are absolutely packed with players then your odds of winning will dramatically decrease. Even though the overall chances are down to the amount of tickets per game not participants the more participants usually mean more tickets.

Think about this…

Statistics show that bingo rooms are at their emptiest during the day and are at their fullest in the evening due to the fact that people finish work and then play online bingo. Playing online bingo during the day when rooms are at their emptiest will give you the better odds of winning as there is less competition.

With less competition comes less money up for grabs. Would you rather win more £10 or rarely win £50? It is better to win more small sums of money than very rarely winning big sum or not even at all.

Use free rooms that bingo sites provide. Because these rooms do not cost a penny to play, even though they sometimes get very crowded it is still worth playing in case you happen to win.

Do not waste all your money in one session of playing bingo. It is best to cut it short if you are losing game after game and trying later then it is to blow all your money in one go. If you don’t happen to win later you will feel like your money has gone further and that your luck is not as bad as you’d thought because you spread your games out more.


If you look at the big boys you can see evidence of link buying and it does seem to work, but not only do you have to think if the risk is worth it but is the amount you have to buy for them worth it? You are not going to get an instant boost with the 1 link so prepare to dig deep, and then if you get caught prepare to get the drain ready because that is where your money is going to end up going.

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