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How to calculate your betting stake?

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Stakes are a very important factor for a better. Often enough some betters play without thinking too much and they manage to destroy their “bank” in a very short time. In the same time, a calculated better will not go bankrupt except if he will go through a very, very bad period.

Discussions over betting stakes are very wide spread. Some betters are using betting systems or strategies and calculate their stake according to the formula they are using. In a martingale system, they double their stake until winning, on the Fibonacci string, they raise or lower their stake according how the string is presented etc.

If you don’t have a certain betting strategy, you can use one of the following guidelines to choose your betting stakes:

1. Bet a fix percentage of the “bank” in a long run – choose a certain percentage according to the funds you have and go with that percentage until the end of a certain period (month, trimester, year). After a certain period, you can modify your percentage if the bank suffered significant changes. If you start with 1000 pounds and you decide to bet 3% of this amount each time, you can raise the percentage to 4% if you manage to double your bank.

2. Adjust the stake after every bet – as in the first case, start the betting with a percentage of your bank. This percentage will remain constant after each bet, but it will be recalculated after each placed bet. The advantage is that if you go through a good period, the stakes will rise, and if you go through a “black” period, the stakes will go down. A disadvantage of this method is the fact that if you start with a bad streak, the stakes will go down and it will be more difficult to get it up again.

3. Transform your money into units – you will say that one unit is X pounds. A unit will not have to be more than 1% of the entire bank. You will also establish hoe many units you will bet according to the risk you think that each outcome will have. For high risk bets or multiple bets, play between 1-3 units, for bets with average risk place between 4 and 7 units and for low risk bets place between 8-10 units. Do not play more than 10 units on a single bet! Using this method you will not get your bank to 0 very soon. You will also not get too much very quick.
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