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How to Win in Sports Betting

Most people ask if you can make long-term profit from betting. If so ... then how much money you can win ... how to bet ... etc.

The answer is definitely YES!

Each gambling game is based on probabilities. If you toss a coin 1000 times will fall roughly 500 times on a side and 500 times on the other side.

Even if is not exactly, we still have about 50% percentage for each side of the coin. This is the law of probability and no one can change it. This is applied also when you bet on sports ... you win or lose, your chances are the same as in the case of the coin.

But when it comes to sports betting then you get a win rate of over 50% easily, that because sports betting is not based only on luck.

It`s also about everyone`s knowledge of the sport. Theoretically you can reach 100% winning percentage but of course this is not possible in the long term.

If you bet after a system or strategy, a winning rate of 30-40% can get you money. Given that the 50% can be obtained only if you toss the coin, think of how much money can be made with a percentage of success of 60-70%.

To raise the percentage of success you have to follow stats, results, and know a lot on info about the game you are going to bet. For this there is the Internet, and the good part is that you can find any information you need about the matches that you want to bet for free.

It is not easy, but with a little patience and a sober mind you can get good results. Of course you can always choose the easy way ... the predictions paid but you have to know how to manage your money to make profits.

In the following lines we will explain some game systems that you can use to achieve considerable profits with a winning percentage of only 40% or less.

Bankroll !

The bankroll is perhaps the most important thing in sports betting. Management of money provides financial safety and safety with peace can help you make the best decisions when betting online.

The bankroll is the money you can afford to lose! The necessity of money and despair can influence your psyche and calm, and from this to total loss is only a step.

No matter how you bet, what kind of betting system or strategy you use, the structure of bankroll will always remain the same.

First you have to share the entire amount of money from the betting account in 4. So, you always risk 25% of your bankroll and you`ll protect the rest of the money for a rainy day series of losing bets.

Let’s take an example :

Say your Bankroll is 1,000 units ( GBP/EUR/etc). Divide it into four equal parts and you will get 250 units you should use on a betting system.

Let`s say you win 200 units ... Immediately add to your total amount of money and increase your bankroll:

(4 x 250 units) + 200 = 1200 units profit.

So you have 1200 units you divided again to 4. That means you:

300 x 4 = 1200 units

Now you can get in game with 300 units and multiply them again.

Suppose that after the next round of betting you have 250 units profit. So bankroll increased again.

(1200 units + 250 units profit from the previous round) = 1,450 units Bankroll

The process is repeated even if you lose.

Let`s say you lose 300 units in the next stage and you will be in the following situation:

Bankroll above 1,450 units - 300 units loss = 1150

Now you need to divide into 4 equal parts (1150 units / 4 = 287.5 units) and you will have available 287.5 units in the next betting stage.

This method of money management is very important and very powerful at the same time.

Use it to build a solid bankroll on long term. You have to start with less money and in time to boost your bankroll.

A solid bankroll grows with a sure bookmaker.

How to win in sports betting with a gameplay system at combos!

The purpose of this system of combos is to win a ticket out of ten. That means only 10% percentage of successful sports betting.

The interesting part in this betting system is that you can choose your profit you’ll make.

First, it is a gaming system with 2 games by ticket.

Do not add more than two selections on the ticket, otherwise your chances will decrease.

It is known that a greater number of matches on one ticket decreases the chances and probability of winning becomes too small.

To play over 3 selections on the ticket is the most common mistake made by amateur gamblers. Our advice is to play only single bets or maximum 2 selections on the ticket with minimum odds of 1.70.

It is safest to bet on the Asian Handicap on two favorites, at odds between 1.70 and 2.50 maximum.

Betting guide: How to bet ?

Each bet you will calculate based on the odds of the chosen bookmaker using the formula below:

BET = (TE + P) / ((GAME 1 x GAME 2) -1)

BET = is the result of the formula - the amount of money that you bet
TE = Total losses earlier
P = The profit you want to make
GAME 1 = quota for Game 1 (Ex: 1.80)
GAME 2 = quota for Game 2


Decide the amount you want to win.

Let`s say you want to earn $ 25 the first day and the odds of two games chosen for the ticket are 1.83, 2.10 respectively.

BET = (0 + 25) / ((1.83 x 2.10) -1) = $ 8.79

So on your first ticket you bet $ 8.79.

If you win, you make $ 25 profit as you have proposed. 1.83 x 8.79 x 2.1 - $ 8.79 = $ 25

Further you will go to step 1.

If you lose you go to step 2.


Rebuilt the ticket after the base formula, only this time you have TE = $ 8.79 (total losses so far).

Let`s say that you have chosen two matches with odds 1.71 and 2.05

BET = (8.79 $ + 25 $) / ((1.71 x 2.05) -1) = $ 13.46

So you bet $ 13.46 to recover losses and to make the target profit.

If you win, you make $ 25 profit. 13.46 x1.71 x 2.05 - ($ 13.46 + $ 8.79) = $ 25

Go back to step 1

If you lose you go to step 3


Let`s say we have odds of 2.20 and 1.95 for the ticket in step 3.

BET = ($ 8.79 + $ 13.46 + $ 25) / ((2.20 x 1.95) - 1) = $ 14.36

The next bet should be $ 14.36

If you win, you make $ 25 profit. 14.36 x 2.20 x 1.95 - ($ 14.36 + $ 13.46 + $ 8.79) = $ 25

Go to step 1.

If you lose you go to step 4.


Continue the procedure using the formula set above, until you catch a ticket. At the first ticket won you make your profit and go back to step 1.
The main rules for earning money from bets:
  • Using the above formula, form a ticket with two matches (no more than 2 matches);
  • If you lose the first ticket, uses the formula to determine the stake for ticket 2. Continue like this until you catch a winning ticket;
  • If you win the first ticket in the series, begins a new series – step 1 ;
  • If you lose, continue 10 tickets ahead, or even more
  • If you have reached a number of 10 tickets consecutive losses, and have consumed 50% of bankroll, it is best to stop, to accept the loss, and start again from Step 1 to restore your bankroll;

You can use this system every day on the predictions offered by professionals. You have to catch just one ticket out of ten. If you have a strong bankroll you can play two series simultaneously.

Each bet must be part of a strategy. Make sure you have a betting strategy whether you do this full time or just occasionally.

Do not bet for pleasure because otherwise you lose money. If you bet, try to do this with the head otherwise you can not win.

I hope you use this betting guide and if you want to learn more about betting, you can contact us by email.
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