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Progressive stake

Progressive stake

The betting strategy based on stake progressive is an extremely effective and beneficial to gamblers who want to get a steady profit after betting online. Strategy based on stake progressive is extremely easy to put into practice, but not to have unpleasant surprises after a number of bad bets , requires a bank that can sustain a certain number of bets lost. In what follows I will present in detail how to proceed with this strategy.

How does this strategy work?

  • Just play single matches (one event).
  • Recommended average odds is 2.00
  • Average bank recommended to start is 1000 units ( GBP/EUR/USD)
  • It goes on series, each series ends when the desired profit was obtained
  • The math formula used for profit is (Desired Profit + Previous Loss) x (Odds -1)

Series 1 -> Desired profit 10 UNIT(GBP/EUR/USD):

  • A1= (10+0) x (2.0-1)= -10(Bet lost)
  • A2= (10+10)x (2.0-1)= -20(Bet lost)
  • A3= (20+10+10) x (2.0-1)= +40(Bet won)

A first series ends here because we got the desired profit.

Series 2-> Desired profit 10 UNIT(GBP/EUR/USD):

  • B1=(10+0) x (2.0-1)= -10(Bet lost)
  • B2=(10+10)x (2.0-1)= +20(Bet won)

A new series is completed successfully and we start a new one.  

Series 3:

  • C1= (10+0) x (2.0-1)= -10(Bet lost)
  • C2= (10+10)x (2.0-1)= -20(Bet lost)
  • C3= (20+10+10) x (2.0-1)= -40(Bet lost)
  • C4= (40+20+10+10) x (2.0-1)= -80(Bet lost)
  • C5= (80+40+20+10+10) x (2.0-1) = -160(Bet lost)
  • C6= (160+80+40+20+10+10) x (2,0-1)= +320(Bet won)

The third series is also good and we go for the last one.  

Series 4:

D1= (10+0) x (2.0-1)= +10(Bet won)

This series ends after the first bet, because we obtained the profit.

As it was shown above you could see how easy this strategy is to put into practice. The chosen odds for illustration was 2.00 in each case because was easier to calculate.

Very important it is to have a well-established plan before starting to bet after this strategy and to have a well-established desired profit in series. We recommend to play each day a maxim number of 3 series, if you have a home bank of 1000 units .This would represent in a month a profit of around 900 units.
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