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Prediction Game Rules

The Checkyourodds Prediction League is only opened to anyone above 18 years of age and residing in any countries and areas where the Prediction League Contest is permitted.
If a person registers or attempts to register where the contest is prohibited by law, Dolphin Web Ltd reserves the right to cancel the account and the eligibility of that person to enter, participate and/or win.

Only one entry per person will be allowed
When an account has been registered, The user will be able to insert there predictions for the football matches chosen to be in the competition.

Standard prediction Game (Correct Score)

-Predictions can not be altered once they have been entered and must be entered by 12 midnight the day before the match is due to take place.

-The outcome of the matches after 90 minutes of play will decide how many points you will get. Extra time and penalty kicks will NOT count towards the final score.

Points will be awarded as follows:
-Guess the correct result 5pts e.g. user predicts Arsenal 2 Aston Villa 2, result is Arsenal 2 Aston Villa 2
-Guess the correct goal difference but not the correct score 3pts e.g. user predicts Arsenal 0 Aston Villa 2, result is Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 3
-Guess the correct winner but not the correct score 2pts e.g. user predicts Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 5, result is Arsenal 0 Aston Villa 1
-All other outcomes will score 0 points
-A maximum of 2 bonus points can be gain every day of the competition. Bonus points will be awarded for every visit to a bookmaker partner.
-If there is a tie for 1st place then the person with most match results correct will win. If there is still a tie then one winner will be chosen at random.

Basic prediction Game (1X2)

- Players need to choose the right team before the game begins.
- The predictions will be entered as 1X2.
- For every right prediction you will earn 1 point.
- The winner will be the player who wins most points at the end of the month.
- The current monthly prize is 10 euro.

Dolphin Web Ltd and its management team, employees, affiliates will not be allowed to participate in the Prediction League Contest.
Premier League Marathon