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Formula 1 Betting Guide 2011

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This Formula 1 guide is trying to help betters understand the beauty of this motor sport and help them chose their favorite.

Formula 1 is considered to be the "queen" of motorsports. It is run under the patronage of FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) and it is the highest class of single seater auto racing. The Formula 1 season consists in a series of races, called Grand Prix, held on purpose-built circuits or on public roads. The results of a race are combined in two tables to determine the Drivers World Champion and the Constructors World Champion.

Formula 1 Betting page

You can find the Formula 1 betting page usualy in the Motors Section of the bookmakers web page. Some of teh bookmakers display on their front page a direct link to a Grand Prix in the week before the race.

Betting stake

The betting stake will be the ammount of cash you are willing to bet on an event to happen.


Placing a bet

Drivers Championsip - is a long term bet and the ammount of money is placed on a pilot to became Drivers World Champion at the end of the season.

Constructors Championship - is a long term bet and the ammount of money is placed on a team to became Constructors World Champion at the end of the season.

Grand Prix Outright Winner - this bet will be placed on a pilot to win the respectie Grand Prix. If the pilot fails to win the race or he doesn't finish the race, the bet is lost

Fastest Lap -  this bet will be placed on a pilot to manage the fastest lap in the race. This bet ignores the place on which the pilot finishes the race or even the fact that the pilot would not finish the race at all.

Top 3 finish - this bet is placed on a pilot to finish on the podium. If the pilot fails to place on the podium or he doesn't finish the race, the bet is lost

Fastaest qualifier - This bet is placed on a pilot to get the pole-position in the qualifying stage.


Formula 1 Betting tips  

Here are the races that are going to take place this year


Date Circuit Details
Petronas Malaysia GRAND PRIX 08-10 April Number of laps: 56
Circuit Legth: 5.543 km
Race distance: 310.408 km
Record lap: 1:34.223
UBS Chinese GRAND PRIX 15-17 April Number of laps: 56
Circuit Legth: 5.451 km
Race distance: 305.066 km
Record lap: 1:32.238


06-08 May Number of laps: 58
Circuit Legth: 5.338 km
Race distance: 309.396 km
Record lap: 1:24.770
GRAN PREMIO de Espana 20-22 May Number of laps: 66
Circuit Legth: 4.655 km
Race distance: 307.104 km
Record lap: 1:21.670
GRAND PRIX de Monaco 26-29 May Number of laps: 78
Circuit Legth: 3.340 km
Race distance: 260.520 km
Record lap: 1:14.439
GRAND PRIX du Canada 10-12 June Number of laps: 70
Circuit Legth: 4.361 km
Race distance: 305.270 km
Record lap: 1:13.622
GRAND PRIX of Europe 24-26 June Number of laps: 57
Circuit Legth: 5.419 km
Race distance: 308.883 km
Record lap: 1:38.683
Santander British GRAND PRIX 08-10 July Number of laps: 52
Circuit Legth: 5.891 km
Race distance: 306.227 km
Record lap: 1:30.874
GROSSER PREIS Santander von Deutschland 22-24 July Number of laps: 60
Circuit Legth: 5.148 km
Race distance: 308.863 km
Record lap: 1:29.468
Eni Magyar NAGYDIJ 29-31 July Number of laps: 70
Circuit Legth: 4.381 km
Race distance: 306.630 km
Record lap: 1:17.071
Shell Belgian GRAND PRIX 26-28 August Number of laps: 44
Circuit Legth: 7.004 km
Race distance: 308.052 km
Record lap: 1:45.108
GAN PREMIO Santander d'Italia 09-11 September Number of laps: 56
Circuit Legth: 5.543 km
Race distance: 310.408 km
Record lap: 1:34.223
Singtel Singapore GRAND PRIX 23-25 September Number of laps: 53
Circuit Legth: 5.793 km
Race distance: 306.720 km
Record lap: 1:21.046
Japanese GRAND PRIX 07-09 October Number of laps: 53
Circuit Legth: 5.807 km
Race distance: 307.471 km
Record lap: 1:31.540
Korean GRAND PRIX 14-16 October Number of laps: 55
Circuit Legth: 5.615 km
Race distance: 308.630 km
Record lap: 1:50.257
GRAND PRIX of India 28-30 October Number of laps: 60
Circuit Legth: 5.317 km
Race distance: -
Record lap: -
Ethihad Airways Abu Dhabu GRAND PRIX 11-13 November Number of laps: 55
Circuit Legth: 5.552 km
Race distance: 305.355 km
Record lap: 1:40.279
GRANDE PREMIO do Brasil 25-27 November Number of laps: 71
Circuit Legth: 4.309 km
Race distance: 305.909 km
Record lap: 1:11.437

Here are some of the teams involved in the battle for the 2011 Constructor's Championship
Team Picture Pilots Details Odds to win the competition
Red Bull Racing Sebastian Vettel
Mark Webber
World Championships: 1
Highest Race Finish: 1 (x16)
Pole Positions: 21
Fastest Laps: 12
1.53 - Last year's double Champios have started the new season in a very impressive form. Vettel dominating both the qualifiying and the race in Australia and Webber on 5'th place, puts Red Bull on the top of teh constructor's table already. Number one candidate, very likely to crown themselves champions again this season.
Mclaren Mercedes Lewis Hamilton
Jenson Button
World Championships: 8
Highest Race Finish: 1 (x169)
Pole Positions: 146
Fastest Laps: 142
4.50 - After the first race of the season we noticed a gap between Red Bull and the other teams. McLaren managed to get second place on the starting grid, but could not keep the pace with Vettel's Red Bull. 
Ferrari Fernando Alonso
Felippe Massa
World Championships: 16
Highest Race Finish: 1 (x215)
Pole Positions: 205
Fastest Laps: 225
7 - Last Ferrari was third in the Constructor's Championship and not is credited with the same place in the bookmaker's opinion. Still a lot of work on the car, the two drivers need constant top 4 placements to have a chance to the title.
Mercedes GP Michael Schumacher
Nico Rosberg
World Championships: 0
Highest Race Finish: 3 (x3)
Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 0
29 - Mercedes GP announced big hopes before the start of the season, but after the first race, they have 0 points and they seem to be out of the battle for the top 3 constructors.
Renault Vitaly Petrov
Nick Heifeld
World Championships: 2
Highest Race Finish: 1 (x35)
Pole Positions: 51
Fastest Laps: 31
101 - Renault lost their top pilot Robert Kubica due to a tragic accident in a rally, and had to sign Nick Heidfeld to replace the injured driver. Vitaly Petrov had a great race in Australia, getting the 3'rd place, but it takes two to get points for the team to have any chances in the Constructor's Championship.

Pilot Picture Nationality Team Odds to win the competition
Sebastian Vettel German Red Bull Racing 1.90 - Last year Champion started this season with a pole position in a win, dominating the race from start to finish. Very strong candidate for this year's title, if he doesn't get hurt or has big problems with the car, the title is his for the second year in a row.
Lewis Hamilton British McLaren Mercedes 5.13 - Lewis Hamilton tried to keep the pace with Vettel, but the difference was to big to even have a chance to the victory. He is the second favorite in the bookmaker's opinion.
Fernando Alonso Spanish Ferrari 6.50 - Alonso entered the final race last reason as leader and he only needed a 3'rd place to became Champion. A strategy mistake throwed him in the middle of the platoon and he lost the title. This year announces to be a harder year, with Vettel and Hamilton being quicker on the track. But, the season just started and lots of things could happend until the end.
Mark Webber Australian Red Bull Racing 13.30 - Mark Webber proved to be a quick pilot. He won some races lat year, but the fierce rivaly with his team mate Sebastial Vettel, made him lost precious points and some of the team's support. He can get into the battle for the title, but Vettel is much quicker than him.
Jenson Button British McLaren Mercedes 19.00 - 2009 Champion, Janson Button has a hard time at McLaren. He is quick on the track, but his team mate, Lewis Hamilton is quicker. The last from top 5 in the bookmakers opinion, he must remain constant until the end of the season to have a chance.

Formula 1  past winners

Year Driver's Championship Points Constructor's Championship Points
2010 Sebastian Vettel 256 Red Bull Racing 498
2009 Jenson Button 95 Brawn Mercedes 172
2008 Lewis Hamilton 98 Ferrari 172
2007 Kimi Raikkonen 110 Ferrari 204
2006 Fernando Alonso 134 Renault 206
2005 Fernando Alonso 133 Renault 191


We sincerely hope that this guide for Formula 1 will help both beginners in online betting as well experienced betters decide on how to place money on bets and win money.

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