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Value Bets Calculator

Odds Probability % Value

How to use the value bets calculation

Firstly you need to enter the best odds offered by the bookmaker and then you need to enter the probability that your bet will win (the probability means how many times you think your outcome will win from 100 matches with the opponent) Our calculation will then calculate the profit which we will display in the value field.

What are value bets?

A bet is a value bet if (odds*probability) /100 >=1
So for example, lets say for Fulham vs Chelsea the odds are 12 , 8 , 1.24 and you think that from 100 matches played between those 2 teams Fulham can win at least 9% of the time then betting on Fulham can be called a value bet because you will make a profit

Value shown represents the amount in pounds won from putting a £1 bet on 100 times and the result being correct at the percentage probability specified.

How we can find value bets?

Bookmakers make them offer by analysing lots of criteria and finnaly results odds for an event. If you think that one team has more chance of winning than the odds offered by the bookie then you will find using our calculator if the bet with your probability represent a value bet

It is not just high odds that can be valuable, Lower odds can be too if you think that team has a very high probability of winning.
Date Event Outcome Best Odds Best Bookie Probability Value
30-11-2021 Cremonese v Frosinone Frosinone 3.05 unibet 39.58 1.21
04-12-2021 FC Augsburg v VfL Bochum VfL Bochum 3.10 unibet 35.38 1.1
03-12-2021 FC Groningen v FC Zwolle FC Zwolle 4.40 unibet 31.98 1.41
07-12-2021 Fleetwood Town v Bolton Fleetwood Town 4.50 coral 24.53 1.1
29-11-2021 IF Elfsborg v AIK Stockholm IF Elfsborg 8.50 vcbet 19.6 1.67
01-12-2021 KV Kortrijk v KV Oostende KV Oostende 3.30 bet365 32.69 1.08
04-12-2021 Mainz 05 v Wolfsburg Wolfsburg 2.87 bet365 37.22 1.07
03-12-2021 Rotherham v Stockport Stockport 7.00 coral 14.51 1.02
02-12-2021 Tottenham v Brentford Draw 4.50 unibet 22.71 1.02
21-12-2021 Tottenham v West Ham West Ham 8.00 vcbet 20.51 1.64
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