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20 Jul 2015 20:50

How to win GBP 50 million with William Hill

Would you like to win GBP50 million?! The answer to this question normally is YES. Well in this period one bookmaker step out. If you can predict the 2015/2016 Premier League standings, how it will look at the end of the season in 15 May 2016 , William Hill will give ?50 million.



This is no lie. You know about William Hill. They are not an average bookmaker. They are number 2 on top 100 bookmakers. William Hill said that anybody , new or existing customers who will predict correctly , can go at home with this life changing amount of money.


To play the Prem Predictor , all you have to do is to open a new acocunt ( or to join them ), get the free bet of £25, and then you can start to play the game. You’ll need to place a £2 per any prediction (entry) you make. There are available only 250 entries per each customer.


This game will end on 22 August on 3PM, so there will be 2 weeks of the new season to take into consider.  Look at the form of each team, follow your instinct and start playing. William Hill will give us a little taste of the win on Christmas. The person who has the closest standings to the real one on Xmas, will receive £100,000.  Also at the end of the season, if no one wins the £50 million, there will be a consolation prize of £100,000 for the person whose ranking is closest to the final rank.


There are many ways to play the Prem Predictor. Using the William Hill App :  £50 million Prem Predictor, using the online version at prempredictor.williamhill.com or just playing in their Shops.


Prediction for the end of the season :

Top 5 – Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool

Middle – Tottenham, Swansea, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Newcastle United, Stoke, Everton, West Ham, Norwich, Bournemouth.

Bottom 5 – Aston Villa, Sunderland, West Brom, Watford, Leicester City

Start to play Prem Prediction



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